The wood shavings produced by Best ShavingsTM are completely free of contaminants. We make sure the wood used to produce the shavings is healthy and dry.

The Ecocert Inputs certification allows us to guarantee that our product is suitable for use in organic farming. Several studies have shown that adding sawdust results in improved yields, especially for blueberry and strawberry plants, by improving the soil structure, controlling weeds and mummy berry, and stabilizing soil conditions.

Use of pulpwood

We use quality pulpwood obtained from lumber producers wanting to clean up their land, which in turn promotes tree growth. This raw material, which is not accepted by lumber mills, previously represented a loss for producers.

As a recycler, Best Shavings helps promote sustainable forest growth by using an abundant raw material in an environmentally friendly way.

Quality assurance certificates

On request, we would be happy to provide our quality assurance certificates for the PASSAF and CanadaGAP programs.