We buy your dry wood

Billots de boisPine, fir, and spruce logs of all kinds

Log length: 96-102 in.
Log diameter: 3-42 in.

We accept dry, healthy wood only!


Are you a producer, farmer, or owner of a pine, fir, or spruce stand?

Consider Best ShavingsTM.


Did you know that Best Shavings produces high-quality wood shavings that are completely free of contaminants?

To keep up the production pace, we need a constant supply of pulpwood. As such, we’re looking for suppliers who adhere to environmentally friendly cutting practices.

Characteristics of pulpwood

Pulpwood is average in quality. However, to be usable, it must have these specific characteristics:

  • The knots must be planed parallel to the log.
  • Hollow logs are not accepted.
  • It must not have any forks.
  • The wood must be healthy (rotten wood not accepted).

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